The Complete Guide For TOEFL PBT

The Complete Guide For TOEFL PBT

TOEFL PBT is available to those who do not have any access to take TOEFL IBT. It means that there is no test center available for taking the IBT edition. Although, it is being frequently asked. TOEFL PBT is not so common among the test takers of TOEFL. Among 3% of those who decide to take the TOEFL test actually go for the TOEFL PBT edition. It is vital to check the requirements of the university or the institution for the credibility of this test. Some universities only accept the TOEFL Ibt edition. However, there are still many universities or institutions which accept TOEFL PBT to assess the English requirements of the candidates. TOEFL PBT encompasses Reading, Listening, Speaking, and the Writing sections. This guide for TOEFL PBT will help you understand the structure of the test.

What does TOEFL PBT Stand For

TOEFL test has been available since 1964 and has become one of the major ways to assess one’s English skills. There are currently more than 11000 universities over 150 countries worldwide which accept TOEFL as a way to assess English requirement. One way to take the TOEFL test is by taking the TOEFL PBT version which stands for TOEFL Paper Based Test.

Guide for TOEFL PBT Reading

The first topic of guide for TOEFL PBT is the reading section. The topics of the reading section on TOEFL PBT are generally non-technical essays. It means that you don’t have to worry about a task difficult to comprehend. There are 50 multiple choice questions in the reading part and 55 minutes are given for the whole reading part. The necessary strategies should be applied when approaching the correct response for the test. The questions are generally about vocabulary, detail, and inference questions. The maximum score that is available on the TOEFL PBT Reading section is 68.

Guide for TOEFL PBT Listening

When it comes to the listening part in TOEFL PBT, the crucial aspect is to master the skills of understanding spoken English. The questions in the listening part are again multiple-choice questions. There will be 50 questions and must be completed between 30 to 40 minutes. The topic of the Listening parts is similar to TOEFL IBT. They are from conversations between student and student officers or can be a small part of a lecture. The maximum score for this part is again 68.

Guide for TOEFL PBT Speaking

There is actually no speaking section for the TOEFL PBT edition. The students will only have to take part in the other sections to get an overall score.

Guide for TOEFL PBT Writing

The writing part of TOEFL PBT is the last part of the whole test and requires attention as it is as critical as the other sections. The questions in the writing part are multiple-choice questions. The type of phrases or choice of vocabulary plays a critical role to achieve above-average scores in TOEFL PBT. Some questions require you to change the phrase type or the type of vocabulary. To excel in this part is to learn specific vocabularies for the TOEFL PBT edition.


Another major topic on the guide for TOEFL PBT is the scoring part. The total score on this test always varies and has become frequently asked questions among the participants of this test. The score in this test varies between 310 and 677. After answering the questions on the reading, listening, and writing questions the total score for the test will be reached. The effect of each section on your overall score will be the same. It means that 1 multiple questions in the reading part and the writing part will have the same effect on your overall score. If you are not sure which choice is correct you can predict and choose a random answer. So, there will be no penalty for selecting the wrong response or by guessing. To calculate your score on TOEFL PBT you need to sum up your raw score on each section and multiply it by 10 and divide it to 3. For example, Reading: 45 Listening:40 Writing: 35. The total sum is 120. When we multiply it by 10 and divide it into 3 the score will be 400.

What is the difference between TOEFL IBT and TOEFL PBT?

Although, these 2 tests are prepared from ETS there are huge differences between these IBT and PBT. The major difference is the type of test. IBT is taken with a computer but PBT is paper-based and requires you to go to a test center. TOEFL IBT can also be taken at home with the availability of the TOEFL IBT Home edition. Another major difference is the sections that each test has. TOEFL IBT consists of 4 sections, TOEFL PBT, however, has only 3 sections. The Speaking section is also excluded in TOEFL PBT. The scoring of these 2 tests is also different from each other. TOEFL IBT is also more accepted and available.

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