After completing the reading, listening and speaking sections, writing section is the last section of the test. There are two types of tasks in this part.

  • Integrated (Lecture summarizing)
  • Independent (giving your own opinion)


Integrated part of the writing section includes an academic lecture where we need to both listen and read. We will summarize the lecture after both reading and listening with our own words. It takes 20 minutes to complete this part.

In the second part of the writing section, which is independent task, we will be providing our own opinions on the question. The TOEFL writing topics on this section are more general than specific. We are not going to be answering any scientific topic or historical event. The topics are more from the real life issues. It takes 30 minutes to compete this part.

Tips on TOEFL Writing

For the integrated part it is important to know that preparing a template and practicing on it will give a huge advantage than thinking about how to structure both reading and listening part during the exam. There are a lot of templates available on the internet. You can also create your own template which will also separate you from your peers. The reading part will always there during the integrated writing section. For that reason it is important to note that the reading is important for the listening part. We do not have to think and change the way the opinion is written on the paragraph instead we can more or less directly state what is written on the paragraph.

We should only write down the important parts from the reading part since the listening generally contradicts what is on the reading. For that reason, we should take key details from the passages and write them and when we are listening the listening part we can then write the key information that contradicts the idea of the passage. This way, it is going to be easier to be stayed on focus during the listening. We should be writing over than 250 words in this part.

In the second part of the writing section the key to success is to make as much practice as possible. The more essay we are going to type the better prepared we will be. Templates and the structure of the essay carries also an important role. My recommendation is to write 4 paragraphs. First one being the introduction. Second and third one being the development and the last one being the conclusion part.

  • Variety of the vocabulary usage.
  • Hook sentence in our first paragraph.
  • Summarizing the two key points in the conclusion
  • Giving examples with statistics in both development part
  • Exceeding 400 words

are key to scoring high in toefl writing section.

Please check ETS website for more information.