A Thorough Guide On TOEFL iBT Test Rescheduling

Overview: TOEFL Reschedule

Accepted and favored by the majority of universities globally, the TOEFL tests are a high-standard, high-quality test that goes on to assure and certify the applicant’s level in English. Over 35 million individuals worldwide have gone on to opt for the TOEFL test to prove their English-language knowledge. Today, we will be discussing how to carry out the TOEFL Reschedule process.

First thing first- Accepted Globally 

When you opt for the high-standard, high-quality TOEFL iBTtest to showcase your English learning, universities observe whether you fulfill the requirements for getting a spot in the program they offer. Accepted globally by over 11,000 plus institutions and universities in over a hundred and fifty countries, this TOEFL test is one of the world’s leading English-language tests for studying, immigration, and work.

Brief Review on TOEFL Test

TOEFL test is generally:

  • Preferred by over 80 percent of graduate programs in Canada. And the universities of Canadian go on to receive more scores on the TOEFL test than several other tests of English-language combined.
  • Preferred via nine out of ten universities in the US and is also accepted across the world.
  • Accepted via 100 percent of the United Kingdom universities, including some of the prestigious schools.
  • Accepted via some of the top-level European universities and colleges and is also the most preferred test for English-language in Germany and France.
  • Accepted via 100 percent of universities across New Zealand and Australia and also for all the migration visas.
  • Widely endured across Asia, including some of the top-level universities in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, & Korea.

Here Are The Advantages of The TOEFL Test 

You will be noticed by the admissions officers

The trusted marks backed via the TOEFL test’s high standards and reputation help you to stand out amongst the rest and show you’ve what that takes to be exceptional.

Get in.

More than 90% of the TOEFL test takers inspected got into their first or second choice university.

Get a quick start over your rivals.

Strengthen the skills while you prepare for your TOEFL test and hit on campus fully prepared for the academic English requirements of the university classroom.

Change in the plan?

Well, there are times when you need to bring a change in your plans. Perhaps you don’t get that vibe or you feel you are yet not ready to take this TOEFL test, maybe you are extremely sick, or perhaps something came up out of nowhere and you are no longer in a position to make it to the scheduled TOEFL test date.

This can happen with any individual. No? What your plans are? Have you ever thought about it? What all you require to know regarding rescheduling the TOEFL test? Fret not, find out everything in this guide!

How do you reschedule TOEFL?

Plenty of students somehow get stuck when it comes to rescheduling or canceling the registered TOEFL test. Below mentioned is the step-wise procedure for you all to go through and reschedule the TOEFL test.

Note: One can only go on to reschedule by phone or online. One can’t reschedule via email, mail, or at their test center.

Canceling or Rescheduling your TOEFL test is a simple and easy method.

The most essential thing one needs to retain is, cancellation or rescheduling of the TOEFL is only possible when you’ve three complete days in your hand before the day of the test.

In another word, there has to be that room of 3 complete days between that day you go on to request for rescheduling and the actual given TOEFL test day.

TOEFL Online Tutoring

TOEFL test Reschedule or Cancel – When you opt for Online 

  • you need to login into your account of TOEFL iBT 
  • view order on the home page of your account
  • Click on the “Modify” in order to reschedule or “Cancel” for the cancellation of the TOEFL test.

TOEFL test Reschedule or Cancel – When you opt for Phone

  • You need to keep your registered number nearby
  • Students from the US and Canada may call at 1-800-468-6335 or 1-443-751-4862
  • Indian students need to call at 91-124-4147700
  • Other students belonging from several other territories may inquire about the Prometrics enrollment center pdf

Note: One needs to practice the same name that is the full name essentially used when registering for the TOEFL test.

TOEFL Refund – The Charges Involved

  •  Charge: One needs to pay about 60 $ in addition to the registration charges when rescheduling your TOEFL iBT test
  •  Refund: There’s the refund policy linked with the cancellation of the TOEFL test. One gets half of their amount paid for the registration back

However, remember that it is only possible when you go on to take the lead three days prior to the test day.

For more information please check out the website of ETS: https://www.ets.org/toefl/test-takers/ibt/take/your-ets-account/


How much does it cost to reschedule TOEFL iBT?

There’s a 60 $ fee to reschedule TOEFL iBT, and it must be paid ere you register for the new date.

When do you need to reschedule?

You’ve up to 3 complete days before the test to reschedule your test date.

Is it cheap to cancel or reschedule?

The registration fee generally varies by country, however, in the US, $190 is the fee. So, when you cancel the date altogether, you will lose 95 $. When you reschedule, you will need to pay 60 $. Thus, it’s cheaper to reschedule than to cancel. Similarly, you can look for your country.

How many times can you reschedule my TOEFL test?

Well, what is told is that one may retake the exam multiple times as they wish but the moment it comes to rescheduling, you better confirm it via making a call to the officers. However, 1-2 times is easily acceptable.

What if you miss my TOEFL test?

If you’ve missed your TOEFL iBT exam, the finest thing you may do is simply reschedule the test, and it will cost you nearly 60 US$.

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