All The TOEFL Speaking Topics- Topics for 2021 TOEFL

TOEFL Speaking Overview

TOEFL is mainly a type of standardized test which is used to measure out the English Language abilities of the non-native speaker who wishes enrolling in English-Speaking universities. This test was accepted by the English-speaking academics as well as the professional institution. Here in this article, I tried to give you an overall introduction to the TOEFL Speaking part and also showed you some examples for the TOEFL speaking questions

What makes TOEFL an important exam?

In the present time, TOEFL is one of the most important exams for the ones who want to get admission to an English speaking university. The reason is that the scores of the TOEFL are used by the English speaking universities in the process of administration. In simple words, one needs to have good marks in this test or exam so that they can get admission to English-Speaking universities.

Why should you take the TOEFL exam?

In recent times, it has become very crucial for a person to take this exam, mainly for those who wanted to enter a university in English-Speaking countries. However, one can take this exam for any other purpose. Here are some of them-

  • One can take TOEFL if there are entering a high school in English-speaking countries.
  • Students who are attending the 2-year community college program in the English-speaking countries.
  • One who wants to demonstrate out their English Language mastery for immigration.

How can you prepare for the TOEFL exam?

In the present time, you need to work hard to prepare yourself for the TOEFL speaking questions. This exam has four sections with 30 marks for each part and a total of 3 hours to complete it. Here are the different sections of this exam, with some necessary details about it-

  1. Reading- This section of the TOEFL exam is mainly a multiple choice. Each of the reading sections will contain three to four written passages along with 10 questions for each of those passages. The passages could be based on science, history, or any other topics. You will obtain a total of 30 marks for this section.
  2. Listening-This section of this exam is similar to the reading section. It is also wholly multiple choices. In this exam section, you would be provided with 4 to 6 lectures with 6 questions for each, as well as 2 to 3 conversations with 5 questions for each.
  3. Speaking- Speaking section of the exam is a little complicated than the reading or the listening sections. But, each of the sections follows the same pattern. Therefore you can prepare yourself for this section easily. In this section, you will be having 4 tasks. Among them, the first task would be independent, as well as ask you to talk about your experience and thoughts. And the other tasks would be a type an integrated task.
  4. Writing- Writing section if this exam is a little easy. This section is divided for you into two parts that are integrated tasks and the other is independent tasks. For both of them, you will be provided with different time as well as question patterns.

What type of TOEFL speaking questions will you get in the exam?

In the present time, in this exam, you will be provided with many different types of questions with various patterns. Mostly, you will be provided with several tasks which you need to do. The first one would ask you to talk about your experience and thoughts. And the other task will have different types of questions. It means that you need to prepare yourself according to that; otherwise, you need to be facing issues. Also, you can take part in my coaching program for TOEFL where you can get templates that can help you increase your score in TOEFL Speaking section.

Important Points to Keep In Mind So That You Can Score Good Marks In TOEFL Speaking

In the present time, if you want to score good marks in TOEFL speaking questions, such as 26, then you need to keep some things in your mind that can be beneficial for you a lot. Here are some of the essential things which you require to keep in your mind to score good marks in the TOEFL speaking exam-

  • Practice- You need to make sure you practice for the exam a lot so that you can score good marks. Also, during the exam, you will be asked to speak as well as write several times about your thoughts as well as experience. Therefore, before the test day, make a list of all your hobbies. In this way, you can feel more relaxed as well as prepare for the test. Also, free to frame your answer according to yourself. The reason is that they will check your accuracy in English, not your hobbies and all.
  • Practice speaking with a timer-In the present time; it’s challenging to speak answers by fitting everything you wanted to say within a small range of time. Therefore, you should practice speaking so that you can complete your answer within the time and had a good impression on the teachers.

This Official Guide to the TOEFL Test is the best. This guide provides a list of tips for doing well on the TOEFL test. It includes real TOEFL questions, past versus current exam formats, explanations of every section of the test, and information on what is expected on each task. You will learn how to construct a good answer and how to integrate speaking, listening, and writing skills.

What makes the TOEFL exam beneficial?

In the present time, it is one of the beneficial exams in the world. If you can score good marks in this exam, you can enjoy several benefits at that time as well as in the future. Here are some crucial benefits among them-

  • If you have a good mark in the TOEFL exam, you can quickly get admission to the universities of English-speaking countries. It can also help you to show the ability you have in the English Language.
  • You can also increase your chance to get selected in many high-level companies due to your good ability in the English Language.
  • In the present time, if you have good marks in this exam, you can also get jobs in English-speaking countries. This can be beneficial for you a lot.

Example TOEFL Speaking Questions For Task 1 In TOEFL Speaking

Use these TOEFL Speaking questions to get yourself prepared for the actual test. These questions are only for practice.

  • You are provided with two apartments where you can live: One near the campus but a little expensive and the other far from the campus but a little cheap. Which ones would you choose, and what is the reason for selecting that apartment?
  • At present, some people learn by doing that, and some people earn by reading that and several by listening to that. Which method of learning could be the best for you?
  • Would you like to have a traditional class style or want to hear the lectures which are pre-recorded by your teachers through the help of technology?
  • In the present time, some people learn course material effectively by taking their exams whereas some people learn more efficiently by doing other activities. Which of them is more effective, according to you?
  • Do you agree that technologies had negative effects on the relationship between friends and the family?
  • Would you like to work on one job your whole life or want to switch out your jobs after 5 years?
  • Which company would you like to work for? A company that is offering you challenging as well as exciting projects but fewer vacation days or work for a company that is offering you a job with highly boring workdays but provides long vacation each year?
  • If you are required to joining a club in your school, which type of club would you prefer to join?
    • Sports
    • Volunteer
    • Academic
  • If you are assigned with any project to complete in the school, how would you like to do it?
    • Alone
    • With tutor
    • With your classmates
  • Do you agree with the statement “People should love their job to live happily”?
  • What do you think that scientists must be given with the freedom to test as well as an experiment however they want, or they should be limited in what scientists can study?
  • At present, some of the teachers prefer to announce their quizzes before, while some of them prefer to give students surprise quizzes. Talk about the advantages as well as disadvantages of the surprise quizzes.
  • Do you like to study in a library or at your home? Provide some specific details to support your answer.
  • Some of the students prefer to prepare themselves for their test effectively in their off-campus apartments, where some of them prefer to go to the library. Which one would you prefer? Include several examples and details for supporting your answer?
  • Several people like to watch movies with violence as well as drama. However, several likes comedy movies. Which one would you prefer? Provide reasons and specific details for your answer.
  • For most people, Summer is the favorite season of the year, whereas some people like the winter season so the year. Which season do you like? Includes several examples as well as details to support your answers.
  • What do you prefer to use a battery-powered automobile or gasoline powered? Illustrate your arguments with some reasons and also supporting details.
  • Do you agree or not that” Children must not be allowed to play video games”? Explain, then by giving some specific details in the argument.
  • Some of the consumers prefer buying trucks, while others like to buy four doon sedans. Which one would you choose to buy? Includes several examples and also details to support your explanation.
  • Several people think it’s essential to have pools when purchasing a home. However, some prefer not to buy a pool while buying their house. Which of the view do you support? Give specific details to support your answer.

In the present time, if you want to get selected in the universities or high school of the English-speaking countries, then you need to pass the TOEFL exam with a good mark. The reason is that these marks would determine your selection in those universities. And, if you want to score well in the TOEFL speaking questions that you need to work hard as well as keep some things in mind, such as practicing daily without as well as with a timer. If you have any other questions regarding the speaking section of this test please drop a comment down below so that I can get your questions answered.

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