Everything You Need to Know About TOEFL Scores

Closer Look to The TOEFL Scores

If you are reading this article you are wondering where your TOEFL scores are. You have gone through all the obstacles and prepared weeks to take the test. After taking the test now you are wondering when the results are going to be announced. You want to get your TOEFL score report immediately. You don’t have to worry about it so much. Here in this article, I tried to explain to you how much it will take you to get your score after taking the TOEFL bit. It is a common question that is being asked by many students around the world. I will get you covered on this topic.

How long are TOEFL scores valid? 

There are many tests available to assess someone’s level of English. Each of these tests requires a different amount of time to be announced. Since you are here reading this article you must have already taken the TOEFL test before. After getting your score within 6 days after taking the test. The TOEFL score will be valid for 2 years. It means that if you took the test on January 1st,2021 your score will be valid until January 1st, 2023. After this date, your TOEFL score will not be valid. To get your new TOEFL score you should take the test again when your TOEFL test score is expired.

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What are the TOEFL scores?    

After getting your TOEFL score. You must be wondering how to interpret your scores. The maximum score in the TOEFL test is 120. It means that each test taker is being assessed based on this scale. TOEFL test has 4 sections and the maximum score for each section is 30. In your TOEFL score report, you should be expecting a total score and score for each section in TOEFL.

TOEFL SectionsScore Range
Reading0: Minimum Score 30: Maximum Score
Listening0: Minimum Score 30: Maximum Score
Speaking0: Minimum Score 30: Maximum Score
Writing0: Minimum Score 30: Maximum Score
Total Score0-120
Section based TOEFL score

How long does it take for TOEFL scores to be sent?

The delivery of the TOEFL scores will vary from different locations and also from the format of the report. If you would like to send it electronically then it will take you 6-11 days. However, if you would like to send your score report as a postal mail 9-11 days and also the mailing time. The mailing time of your score report may vary from one country to another. The mailing time will approximately take up to 6 weeks.

How to send TOEFL scores?             

If you would like to send your TOEFL score to the university you are applying there are several ways to accomplish that. During your booking for the exam, you will free 4 destinations to send your TOEFL score. The date for the delivery of these tests may vary. Approximately, it will take 6-11 days to reach your university in an electronic format. If your university or the institution requires a TOEFL score as a post-it will take more than 11 days. Overall, you can send your TOEFL scores during your registration for the test by entering the information of your university or institution. If you would like to send your test report to more than 4 different locations it will not be free of charge.

How long does it take for TOEFL scores to come out?          

After taking the test you must be wondering when to obtain your TOEFL test report. According to ETS, the test takers should expect to see their results in 6 days on the system. However, this might vary. If there is a public holiday after taking your test you should also add this day to the expected date. Let us say you took the test on January 1st, 2021 and there is a public holiday in the United States on January 2nd, 2021. It means that you should expect to get your score around January 8th, 2021. To access your TOEFL score as a PDF file, you need to wait at least 8 days. If you are living in China, however, the PDF score reports will not be currently available until any further notice from ETS.

If you would like to get the hard-copy of your TOEFL test score you can request it via mail and it will be sent within 11 days. However, the delivery date might vary from one country to another. If you have a due-date to hand in your document within 1 month I suggest you take prior action for that and request your test result as a hard-copy during registration for the TOEFL test.

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