The 5 Best French to English Translation Apps for 2022

The 5 Best French to English Translation Apps for 2022

With the help of artificial intelligence, computing power, and NLP algorithms the translation applications have become increasingly fast, efficient, and correct. However, some applications outperform others in terms of usability, agility, and accuracy. Let us, therefore, analyze the 5 best French to English translation app.

1. DeepL

This translation service had a breakthrough when it comes to translation within 21 languages by using the power of A.I. The company itself was founded in Cologne, Germany in 2017 and became a rising star in the language learning and translation community. Its distinct features involve easy to use interface and highly accurate A.I.-backed algorithms which stand as the backbone of the whole service.


In a short period of time DeepL has become one of the most prominent translation services by outdoing its performers in terms of its quality in translation. It can fully grasp the sense of the sentence and it can generate more French-sounding expressions when carrying out translations from French to English. According to Alexa, DeepL is the 146th most viewed website around the globe and its users have already surpassed the 1 billion range. For these reasons, DeepL Translator takes first place on our list when it comes to French English Translation.

2. Google Translate

When it comes to translation services probably everyone at least once must have used or heard of Google’s translation service called Google Translate. It is available on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, and as a website. One of its prominent features is to translate the written text from an image through Word Lens. This feature helps out the French language learners in a huge way. Imagine wandering on the streets of Paris and wanting to translate some of the texts written on the monuments. Then Google Translate Word Lens feature is the way to go. However, it doesn’t offer multiple translations or word suggestions as DeepL offers. This is an essential feature since the translations can not be fully correct and therefore needs a revision.

Google Translate

3. Microsoft Translator

 If you would like to carry out French to English translation in a business environment then the Microsoft Translator enterprise option is the way to go. This feature will offer more professional translations and will make sure you won’t make any informal statements during the translation. The consumer version is also available for the day to day translations. The application can be found on smartwatches which allows the translation from voice to text.

Microsoft Translator
Source: Google Play

4. Reverso

Reverso will not only translate your phrases or sentences but also it will help you find the example sentences within the same context of your search query. This feature from Reverso is called Reverso Context. When you search for a word in French it will look for the translations of this word in English and will present you example sentences. This can also help increase your pace in learning French. As the app first came out I must say that it wasn’t performing well compared to other translation services. However, over the years its performance increased quite significantly and now become one of the most used translation services for French to English.


5. SayHi   

Typing a whole text into a textbox for translation can get quite boring and time-consuming. If this is also your problem then SayHi is the perfect match for you for the French to English Translation app. It does the translation via Voice recognition. Therefore, all you have to do is to say the phrase or sentence to the microphone and let the SayHi application do the rest for you. The application can translate into 90 languages including French to English. You can also use the Pimsleur method to increase your understanding of these translations.

Source: Google Play


Here in this article, we have listed the 5 Best French to English Translation apps for 2022. If you are looking for the most accurate translation with a sense of the content and phrases, we recommend DeepL as the first choice. However, other translation services offer some prominent features which might be quite helpful for you for translating your script. Google’s accessibility, Microsoft Translator’s commercial usage, and Reverso’s context feature offer quite a help when it comes to French to English translation.

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