3 Tips to Improve your Speaking in English

Integrate Shadowing Method to Your Schedule

Do you remember how you started to speak your native language? Were you making a lot of mistakes? Let me tell you the whole process. You were continually listening and repeating what you were hearing. You were using the shadowing method without knowing the technique itself. Let me delve into this topic a little more to show you how effective it can be to improve your English speaking skills.

The shadowing method is not much different from repeating what you hear in the language you are trying to acquire. The only difference is that you repeat just after you hear. It is like an “echo.”  You will listen to a small podcast and directly say it back out loud. This whole process is called the shadowing method.

The reason why it is so effective is that it helps you improve your pronunciation. This method will help you practice improving your muscle memory for speaking, which will improve your pronunciation. Your listening skills will also improve. During the whole listening part, there will be some words that you are not familiar with. Hearing and speaking these new vocabularies will boost your listening skills in a significant way in English.

Improvement in your listening comprehension and developing better muscle memory for your face muscles will tremendously enhance your speaking ability. Improving your speaking skills will also help you to score in English exams like TOEFL. Many TOEFL tutors recommend this to students to enhance their speaking score in TOEFL.

Have Enjoyable Online Chats with Other Language Learners

Nowadays, there are a lot of websites where you can meet up with other language learners interested in learning English to talk about a specific topic. The benefits of it are not debatable because that is one of the most convenient ways to improve your speaking skills. You can use Speaky and Verbling to meet with other English learners.

Choose a specific topic when you meet with other language learners. When you talk about a particular topic, try to use different vocabularies and look up to dictionary when you hear them being used. By doing that, you will develop your speaking skills in certain topics. Your brain will automatically match these new vocabularies with the topic that you are talking about. This whole procedure will make you remember these words quickly and effortlessly in English.

The best way to maximize the benefit of having an online chat with another language learner is by analyzing pictures. When you try to describe a picture and name all the different objects and tools on that photo, you will easily learn them. You can also create a story about this picture to make the whole learning process more effective.

You can also have some long-term friendships through online meetings. This will help you meet with them more frequently and in an organized way. Otherwise, each time talking to someone new will make you repeat the words over and over again. If you are always using the same vocabulary during your speech, you won’t improve your speaking level in English. For that reason, push yourself and go against the difficulties of getting to know someone new and have some memorable memories with them.

Read your favorite book out loud

What is your favorite book of all time? Have you read in the language you are learning? If not, then I have something great for you. Go ahead and search if your favorite book is available in the language you are learning. If it is there, order it immediately. I know you are wondering why I am making you do that. Trust me, and you will see the benefits in the long run.

When you get your book, you will try to read it out loud. By doing that, you will both hear what you say and speak at the same time. Not only will this help you improve your pronunciation but also it will boost your fluency. You will also see all the correct grammar tenses appropriately being used and will learn them intuitively as you read them out loud. At the same time, you will enjoy your favorite book in another language.

You can also apply in with your favorite TV series or some scripts that you find interesting. Try to act like your favorite actor and imitate him. Imitation plays a major role in improving your speaking skills. That was the way actually how you learned your mother tongue. As you were a baby, you were constantly trying and failing to speak. You were repeating what you are hearing, and gradually you built up the correct patterns, which became your native language. You can apply the same idea here as well.

Imitate your best actor or read your favorite book out loud. Increase the fluency you are having by going over the plateau with the help of this method.


There are myriad ways to improve your speaking skills. You can always add these three tips to your daily English learning routine to improve your fluency. You can also make some great friendships over the internet and maybe meet with them in one day.

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