The Complete Guide For The TOEFL Junior

The Complete Guide For The TOEFL Junior

TOEFL Junior test is a viable way to assess one’s ability in English. Unlike the TOEFL Ibt, this test has a different concept and requires different skills. In TOEFL Ibt there are 4 secti ons but in TOEFL Junior there are 3 sections. It also takes 115 minutes to go through all the sections.

Who Are Eligible for Taking TOEFL Junior

It is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to taking the TOEFL test. In order to take TOEFL Junior, there is a certain age restriction. Not everyone can actually take this test. The eligible age range for taking this test is 11 to 15. If you are older than 15 then it is not going to be possible to take TOEFL Junior. If you are out of this age range TOEFL IBT or TOEFL PBT can be the other options for certifying your level of English.

How Many Sections Are There In TOEFL Junior?

Unlike TOEFL Ibt, the junior edition for the TOEFL test has a different amount of sections. In the standard format of TOEFL Junior, there are 3 sections. Let us take a look at what those sections are.

  1. Listening Comprehension
  2. Language Form and Meaning
  3. Reading Comprehension

As we can see there are only 3 sections in the TOEFL Junior Standard Test Design. These sections are offered both in Paper-based format and in Digital Format.

Why Should I Take TOEFL Junior?

TOEFL Junior will measure student’s ability in English and can be used to find out their level of English. It can also measure one’s ability to study in English and this test can be required from some institutions as a placement test in an English course. It can also be a nice way of experiencing the environment of TOEFL. Overall, it is a way to assess the level of English for those who are 11-15 years old.

How Are The Sections In TOEFL Junior

The first part of this test, which is listening comprehension, is mainly assessing one’s ability to comprehend English in different contexts.
In the Language Form and Meaning part, grammar knowledge will play an essential role when it comes to assessing the level of English.
In the last part, which is the Reading Comprehension, comprehension skills of the students are going to be assessed and analyzed. It means that knowledge of vocabulary in different contexts should be familiar to the test takers.

How Is the Score Report In TOEFL Junior

As we have already discussed previously, there are 3 sections in TOEFL Junior. After completing these 3 sections the test will be over. The maximum score in this test is 900 and the score range for each section is between 200-300. Each correct choice will increase the score with an increment of 5.

What Are The Score Levels In TOEFL Junior?

There are 5 levels available in TOEFL Junior.

  1. Emerging (600-650)
  2. Progressing (655-725)
  3. Expanding (730-780)
  4. Accomplished (785-840)
  5. Superior (845-900)


For those who are at the age of 11 to 15 TOEFL Junior can be a decent way to assess one’s ability in English. The test has 3 different sections and requires students to have a good level of English.
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