The Complete Guide For The TOEFL Home Edition 2021

The Complete Guide For The TOEFL Home Edition 2021

If you’re an international student eyeing to study at a university in an English-speaking nation, you may require to take the TOEFL test. For people who don’t know about TOEFL, it’s an acronym for a Test of English as the Foreign Language, the standard name for a test. This assesses one’s ability to understand and speak English by analyzing the English ability in speaking, reading, writing, & listening. These are near all the skills required to carry out the academic studies, the test that’s used via institutions to make sure students can proceed and work on the opted course in the nation where a curriculum is explained in English.

This test is generally conducted in the form of a test conducted over an online, but if a test center doesn’t have the web connection, then the paper-based test too can be offered.

I am quite sure many of you struggle to try to find an available spot in the test center for taking the TOEFL test. If you are also familiar with the atmosphere of the test center I am quite sure that you do not want to take the test there once again. All the noise, all the disruption, and loss of concentration are some of the disadvantages when it comes to taking the TOEFL test in the test center. I have a piece of good news for you. You don’t have to worry about any of these anymore. ETS now offers the home edition version for the TOEFL test and it is available in many countries.

TOEFL Accepted Countries List

TOEFL IBT along with its home edition is available in 150+ countries. However, if you are applying to universities in New Zealand or Australia as a foreigner the home edition is not going to be valid. For that reason, the TOEFL test should be taken in the test centers. Also, it is not available in China or Iran. If you would like to take the TOEFL test in those countries the viable options are the TOEFL IBT or TOEFL PBT.

Who requires to take the TOEFL test?

Nearly 27 M individuals have given this test worldwide to ensure the English ability of all of them is enough. It’s often taken via students who’re planning to further study at a uni abroad & the scholarship candidates, alongside workers and students applying for English-language students & visas tracking the English progress.

Why consider TOEFL test?

The Governmental agencies & Educational institutions in over a hundred and thirty nations accept the TOEFL scores at the time of considering applications for specific courses and positions. As a requirement for admission, you can end up finding that a few courses need a min. TOEFL score will permit you to continue onto a course alongside a regular course requirement. Min score needs can range anywhere between 61 – 100 depending on a course and institution.

If it’s part of the admission needs, then it’s essential to research in a bit more depth and be equipped for the test’s various elements. Here are the different elements of each test:

Internet test (The TOEFL iBT)

  • Reading section between 60 to 100 min, involving reading 3 to 5 passages, containing about 12 to 14 question in each of them
  • The listening section between 60 to 90 min, involving 6 to 9 passages, having 5-to 6 questions in nearly each of them
  • Speaking section that lasts 20 min and has six spoken assignments
  • The writing section last 50 min and involves a couple of tasks that require completion

Paper-based test (The TOEFL PBT)

  • The listening section between 30 to 40 min consisting of three parts
  • A written expression &  structure section lasting about 25 min which includes fifteen exercises of sentence conclusion and 25 illustrations for error classification
  • Reading section lasting about 50 minutes, including answering about 50 questions regarding passages
  • A section of writing which lasts about 30 minutes, involving a written essay including around 250 to 300 words

The major difference between a couple of formats is the spoken section of a test replaced by the structure and the written expression section in a paper-based test.

An Additional Change: Home Edition 2020

The pandemic situation across the globe is very challenging cum risk-taking. Though it’s been a problem for people throughout the world, some things would be functioning like education, work, and some daily activities. One such task is an examination concerning educational purposes. TOEFL is the platform that has altered some rules as per the situation. This home edition exists in TOEFL. However, there are some modifications made to them.

Hence, here are some things that should be perceived. It’ll be handy to know the entire procedure.

  • TOEFL exam
  • The home edition of TOEFL 
  • Steps involving registration
  • Needs for the examination
  • Key points & pattern 
  • FAQs

The Home Edition of TOEFL:

Due to an ongoing situation across the world, ETS, i.e., Educational Testing Service,launched the exceptional TOEFL home edition. It’s for students who wish to get succeeded in the examination and also fulfil their wishes. This home edition has the same content, concept, format, and on-screen experience as at the test-centres. 

It has also made some changes in the payment of the fee schedule of an examination. 

What is TOEFL Home Edition?

TOEFL Home edition is the same as TOEFL IBT except for the fact that the test-takers do not have to go to a test center to take the test. It is a safe option to take the test at test-takers homes. Instead of going to the test centers to take the test students now have the availability to take the test through their computers with few adjustments. The questions of the test are the same as in the test center. Therefore, if you have a personal computer with an internet connection the home edition of the TOEFL test can be a viable option for you.

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How do you register for this TOEFL Home Edition?

  • To begin with, the first action is to hold an ID that’s an identity card. A notable one is a passport. 
  • The next step is to make an account of whether an individual doesn’t have one. An account should be an ETS a/c for the TOEFL home edition.
  • A person can log in to an account and then get listed or find the test centers.
  • After finding the test center, one can select a particular date. One may select the date and time with ProctorU.
  • After following the steps above, one may complete the enrolment and pay that fee. 
  • One will receive the confirmation e-mail from both the ProctorU & ETS services. 
  • Check out this link for registering for the test.

Is TOEFL Home Edition Accepted?

TOEFL Home Edition is accepted in over 150 countries in the world. However, there are few exceptions where students have to take the test in the test centers. For example, if you are applying to universities in Australia or New Zealand you have to take the test at test centers. It is because the universities in these countries will not consider your application if you are going to take the test in your home. Except for these two countries, the TOEFL Home edition will be profoundly accepted all around the world.

How Long Is The TOEFL Home Edition?

Similar to the TOEFL IBT at test centers home edition version of TOEFL takes a similar time. However, you need to allocate 30 minutes for checking in for the test. After the completion of check-in, the home edition will take 3 hours. In total, the test will take 3 hours and 30 minutes.

What Are The Requirements For Taking TOEFL Home Edition?

As we have discussed before, having a personal computer with an internet connection will be enough before taking the test. However, we need to make sure that during the test our computer and internet speed will meet the requirements of TOEFL Home Edition. For that reason, there is a website available where you can test your computer to see if it matches with what TOEFL requires from you on the test day. With the help of the ProctorU system test, the system requirements can be compared with your computer. You can also get some benefit with their live support when you have questions regarding the system requirements. In case of having low internet speed, the internet from your mobile phone can be shared via hotspot and used directly on your computer. Make sure your internet connection is steady during your test day. You also need to download ETS and ProcterU software. Notice that artificial intelligence and a human observer will be checking you throughout your exam.

When you take TOEFL IBT in the test centers, the observers will take a photo of you. The same rule applies when it comes to the TOEFL Home edition. For that reason, It is suggested you sit properly and would be nice to wear proper clothing.

Since the examination will be recorded, you shouldn’t act unusually so that the entire exam can go smoothly. Otherwise, ProctorU might ask you to take a look at the screen or even might cause you to lose some time because of suspected behavior.

The Major Things Required for TOEFL Home Edition

  • A MAC or a personal computer with all the most advanced software placed in it.
  • The separate microphone that isn’t connected to a headset.
  • Earphones can’t be utilized.
  • Speakers that are external and are not connected to some other device.
  • The crucial part is a camera that should be built-in & can also be turned into a whole angle.
  • One mustn’t have eatables through the examination period.
  • Note-taking items must be in the way that all the answer is erasable as it’d not display the plagiarism.

Examination pattern of TOEFL Home Edition :


For the reading part:

  • The period is about 60 to 70 minutes
  • No. of questions are about 30 to 40 
  • There are around 3 to 4 passages. Each may have nearly 700 words. 


Listening part:

  • The period is about 40 to 60 minutes
  • No. of questions are about 20 to 40 
  • You’ve to listen to audio, and later on, you can take notes of that. Accordingly, one may start answering. There will be a couple of types of conversations. Also, there are nearly 2 to 3 conferences in the form of lectures (600 to 800 words) and another 1, 2 in the form of a conversation between a couple of individuals. 
  • The time you have is about 3 to 5 min. 
  • The applicant must have sound knowledge regarding the topic. One needs to be fluent in grammar, vocabulary. 
  • One’d also ensure to obliterate the notes at the end that is recorded via Proctor.


Speaking part:

  • There is a 17 min period
  • No. of questions will be 4 
  • It has one independent & three integrated tasks. 
  • That independent section posses 15 sec for preparation, 45 sec for the answer.
  • The combined thing has three queries: 30 seconds for preparation and nearly a minute for an answer.
  • The applicant must use his multi-skill and respond to this part. One requires to be positive and requires listening, talking, & making a note of relevant points. That note assists to paraphrase, also helps in making the answer well structured.

Writing part:

  • 50 minutes time period is given to an applicant
  • There are a couple of questions
  • The part again is bifurcated into integrated & independent tasks.
  • Independent one is for nearly 20 min, and one requires to answer the given passage, write about the opinion, and view it.
  • That integrated assignment is for half an hour, and it’d be essay kind. Then audio will be played; one requires to acknowledge likely. The topic will be associated with academics or anything in general. The response requires to be keypunched, sent to the ETS. They’ll be verified via human experts & artificial intelligence so that it’s not unfair.

Well, that’s all you have here to read and learn about this special addition of TOEFL Home Edition. To know more about it and resolve any of your further questions, here’s providing all of you with the FAQs.

Hopefully, this guide will be of some help. To know more, you may also check the official site of the TOEFL. Here is the link:

FAQs For You:

Why you have this special TOEFL home edition available?

Due to a shut-down of most test centres and the spread of the COVID-across the globe.

What’s the period for the availability of this edition?

It’s been extended now until all the test centres re-open.

What are a few of the steps taken to avoid the deception?

Several Artificial intelligence technologies and live proctors, and numerous other things are used throughout the exam.

What is the period for the announcement of the result?

It would most likely appear within the week or a time of 6 days.

Is there a special guideline for individuals with disabilities?

The guideline is available here on the official website of the TOEFL. Even disabled individuals, too, can take part in the test.

What if any problem occurs at the time of the exam?

One may contact the customer service of the TOEFL and infer the problem.

Can anybody reschedule the exam?

Yes, one may change from the physical test centre to the home edition.

Will an individual get a refund on the cancellation of an exam?

One will only receive half the actual fee when the exam gets canceled before four days or 96 hours of an exam’s original date.

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