What Is The Best Source for TOEFL Writing?

Overview: TOEFL Writing

Are you looking for materials to get yourself ready and well prepared for TOEFL? Is your TOEFL Exam date is upcoming, and you are not sure whether you are ready for the exam or not? Is your TOEFL Writing Score not good enough? Asking these questions is quite normal. However, you shouldn’t get worried about the exam so much. I will try to give you the best materials when it comes to preparing for the TOEFL Writing part so that you can feel a more relaxed state. There are several ways to prepare for the TOEFL Writing part. One way of doing that is to solve as many practice tests as possible. The other way of increasing your score in the writing part is by improving your level in English. Do not forget. If your English level is not promising or you are struggling with upper-intermediate to advanced level vocabulary, it will be tough for you to write a complete essay in TOEFL Writing part.

What Is Challenging in TOEFL Writing Part?

The TOEFL Writing part can get quite challenging for some people. This is due to the fact that the topic that they need to write an essay about is unfamiliar to them. For that reason, students often go for selecting tough reasons for their thesis statements. If your reasons or ideas are not relevant to the topic writing the development parts for your essay will be quite arduous. The other challenge most test-takers face is that they can’t create tangible examples regarding their ideas. This problem is also correlated with our first problem. If your reasons are not good enough or strong enough, writing examples regarding these topics will also be a big problem for you.

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The other problem many test-takers face is the lack of vocabulary. Most test-takers repeat the same word over and over again throughout their essay. Try to avoid using the same words repeatedly and replace them with their synonyms. Try to use different sentence structures as well. Learning new vocabulary will not solely solve this problem. Because when you learn new vocabulary, they are just passive in your mind. You need to activate these vocabularies by creating examples. Use them in an example so that you can activate these vocabularies. Whenever you learn a new vocabulary, try to use it in a sentence so that you can activate this vocabulary.

How Can I Get 30 on TOEFL Writing?

If you are aiming to get a full mark in TOEFL Writing, then I suggest you understand and optimize the structure of your essay. If you are familiar with what general, supportive thesis statements are, try to master them. Write a strong thesis statement and choose logical reasons for supporting your thesis statement. Add a statement that represents research done on your topic. When typing your examples, try to give as many details as possible. You can use personal examples in your development parts. Avoid using the same statements over and over again. Try to exceed 400 words in your essay. Using different types of grammar structures will also boost your score in TOEFL Writing. However, use them only if you are sure that your grammar structure is correct. Otherwise, you will make mistakes, which will cause your score to drop. It means that using different grammar structures will increase your score as long as you use them correctly. If you are not sure about the grammar rule, avoid using complex sentence structures.

How Many Words Should A TOEFL Essay Be?

According to ETS, there is no maximum length or limitation on writing your independent writing essay in the TOEFL test. However, they suggest test takers write more than 300 words to get a decent score. However, exceeding 400 words in TOEFL writing will be more beneficial to get 30 in TOEFL based on my experience and observation. This is due to the fact that you will have more chances to give additional details and use different sentence structures in your essay. This is actually the key point in achieving a high score on the TOEFL test. However, do not force yourself to exceed the 400-word limit. If you can’t create meaningful sentences with advanced level vocabularies, what is the use of exceeding 400 words in TOEFL Writing? For that reason, exceed if you can. Otherwise, more mistakes will occur throughout your essay, and it will be inconsistent.

What Is The Best Source for TOEFL Writing?

It is vital to use and take a look at how your peers are writing essays. Reading essays will also help you garner more ideas regarding different topics in TOEFL. By reading different types of essays, you will have the chance to observe different sentence structures and vocabularies. This will help you maintain a decent essay and will improve your writing overall. When it comes to using a source for improving your TOEFL Writing skills, I recommend the following E-Book.

In this E-Book, you will be finding all the necessary information for the TOEFL independent writing task. There is a whole analysis for different essays inside with all the details. You can also find the complete guide on how to structure your essay. There are also complete essays with TOEFL Writing questions, which you can use to write a new essay. After going through this complete guide, you can also write an essay and send it for feedback. After one day, you will get a full analysis with concrete feedback about your essay. For these reasons, I can totally recommend this book for you in order to improve your score in the TOEFL Writing part.


TOEFL Writing part can be quite challenging. However, by knowing the techniques and the structure of the essay, you can get 30 in the TOEFL Writing section. Avoid repetitions throughout your essay.

  • Try to use advanced level vocabularies
  • Exceed 400 words in your independent task
  • Back up thesis statement with logical reasons
  • Give personal examples in the independent task
  • Support your reasons with research
  • Create a hook statement in the introduction

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